Shameless Photography

Only a year after its wildly successful launch, Shameless Photography (http://www.shamelessphoto.com) has gone bicoastal, with a new studio in the Bay Area's Noe Valley -- though Sophie still maintains her atelier in New York's East Village as well.

When shot through Sophie Spinelle's lens, any woman can be transformed into a 40s glamor girl. "Shameless is about the power of flirtation and subtlety," says Spinelle. Her collection of authentic vintage clothing -- plus her unparalleled skill at expert retro makeovers -- means that Sophie knows just how to make every client feel empowered, beautiful, and sexy.

Bachelorette parties are also welcome at Shameless Photography, where music and refreshments are included in event packages. Spinelle walks every woman through jaw-dropping retro looks, and she's brought her full arsenal of fabulous props -- from Mad Men-style sexy secretary outfits (complete with vintage typewriter) to naughty-housewife ensembles (think ultrasheer aprons) to tiaras fit for a princess.

Many women have found that a Shameless photo shoot is the perfect gift for their boyfriends, fiances, or grooms -- or for themselves.


UNIQLO Chinos and Cargo Pants

Available for both men and women, the collections range from masculine boyfriend silhouettes through to skinny fit, with additional features including pleated waists and semi slim hems to create a sharp, clean, casual style.

UNIQLO chino’s are offered in tapered cropped, long roll ups and shorts to offer a variation of lengths with neat, fine finishes including metallic donut buttons, roll seam and herringbone rear waist. The UNIQLO chino reflects the traditional roots and authenticity of the style, offering an original workwear look.

Genuine vintage style fabrics are used in the production, staying true to the chino tradition. Resin treatments are applied to high quality 100% cottons to produce a taut finish with a soft washed look.

The new cargo pants offer a smart-casual look as well as the introduction of satin stretchable materials which offer an elegant sheen whilst retaining a well defined slim silhouette.

Details include smaller cargo pockets which have been re-sized to maintain a slim and sharp look, accentuating the sides with an emphasis on the fine details, such as stitching and zippers.

Seam detailing extends sharply down the leg to create a slimmer silhouette, emphasising the leg and drawing attention away from the hips. UNIQLO cargos are designed with the aim of highlighting the elegance of the leg line.

Using a stretch twill fabric, the trousers are presented with a pre-wash finish with fading introduced in a variety of shades including dark grey, hues of browns, khaki and dark green. http://shop.uniqlo.com